How about an hour?

We have seen an increasing demand for a Q&A based Financial Service. We can now offer this to our new clients at a competitive price.

Fixed Price Financial Advice meeting – £225 for an hour.

What we will do in an hour

  • We will meet you at a convenient location, perhaps your home or office.
  • We will tailor the discussion to your concerns and be guided by your Requirements.

What sort of questions do you normally answer?

The list is endless but common themes this year are:

  • How do the new pension changes affect me?
  • I have several pensions, how do I review them? What can I expect when I retire?
  • Should I worry about how my investments are performing in these turbulent times?
  • How do I plan for Long Term Care and Inheritance Tax?

If you fully complete and return our ‘Financial Planning Factfind’ in advance of the meeting (Which we will email to you and we would strongly recommend you complete) we will be able to analyse your current position and offer more detailed guidance when we meet.

What we won’t do in an hour…

  • We won’t provide you with a ‘bespoke’ financial plan.
  • The advice will be generic and provide you with guidance, priorities and even a brief plan of action for you to pursue. You will not receive specific financial advice or a Product Recommendation.
  • This service will run in conjunction with our traditional Independent Financial Planning Service.

Of course you may feel you wish to instruct us to provide a Full Financial Planning Service, but this of course is up to you. An hour may be all you need……………. And that is the Prime focus of this service.

Any fee you pay in conjunction with our ‘How about an Hour Promotion’ will be offset against the costs of our full financial Planning service.

Other Financial Guidance services are available from the following organisations:

Why Weybrook Financial Management Limited?

The Director and owner is Peter Grant, with a wealth of knowledge from over 26 years industry experience.

Peter is a Pension specialist by qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute.

He is also a consultant in Long Term Care and Equity Release matters by examination.

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*This schedule of fees does not apply to existing clients or referred clients.

Separate fee schedules may apply. Please contact us for directly for further information.